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I had an awesome reviewer on my Fic———-SHOUT OUT TO MOOKA333——- mention something in one of her awesome reviews that I really hadn’t thought about before…

(((And maybe it’s been mentioned. Maybe the wondrous fandom peeps have already explored, extrapolated and analyzed the goddamn hell out of it but…)))

The juxtaposition between Daryl showing Carol the Cherokee Roses when Sophia was lost against Lizzie being shown the flowers by Mika and Carol. I don’t know why but when she mentioned it there was just this moment of WOW…that’s an interesting side-by-side.

The symbolism for both instances

The calming effect. Daryl using it for Carol in a way, not so much to calm but perhaps to instill a sense of calm in a tumultuous time for her. And Mika and Carol using it to calm the distraught and delusional Lizzie. 

The end result of the hope and well meaning actions of those who wanted nothing but the best for the people that they cared about. Daryl working hard to instill hope for Sophia, Carol working hard to instill values and skills into a girl that simply wasn’t equipped to handle what this world would throw at her.

I find it hard not to draw a parallel between these scenes especially since both so strongly involved Carol and her loss/her development/her….god the things that have happened to that woman are just horrific at this point…and her growth. 

I’m not really sure where this is going, but I thought I’d put it here and bring it to the table as a discussion topic for the masses.  There are so many amazing members of this fandom that have some wonderful insights into the intricate fabric of this show… So yeah… there you go. 

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