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Things I’ve never thought about.

In that last gif Rick rips the ear necklace off and doesn’t get rid of it. He keeps it.

I really wish I’d seen the scene of him giving it back to Daryl/ asking about it.

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katzengirl asked:

With you posting gifs from it, I'm gonna assume you've seen it. Just wanted to say that the same feels (sick to my stomach, shock, wandering around lost with lots of shit in my head) that I got from your story (that part w/Ben) are the same ones I got with the last scene of this last episode. So I guess I'm saying, "You're doing things right." because you're invoking those same feels. Yay?

OH My god

I did see it (I’m sorry I didn’t respond right off mobile app suck) i’m on a bit of a delay this season because we nixed cable so I got the iTunes Season pass… it just comes out a bit too late for me. 

But I digress

I saw it. 

I’ve got feel coming out of me in ways i can’t explain. FEEEEELS. and I enjoy the “Yay?” … I’m gonna go with “YAY!!!!”  I’m really glad that my little story can evoke the same sort of feelings as such an amazing show. 

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